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Teaching Resources
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Item Part Number  
Basic Educational Packet BEP 100 30.00
A collection of Raytheon Aircraft brochures and Historical Raytheon Educational Documents plus additional reference sources for teachers.  
Teacher's Syllabus NA Included in Basic Education Package
The Syllabus is a twelve unit course of study containing an introduction for each unit followed by a list of classroom discussion questions and text references. Each unit also contains a list of test questions and indicated answers. The final page lists additional career resources, publications and aviation history books.  
Teacher Workbook TW 100 30.00
Material is organized by aviation subjects including exercises, teaching strategies, reproducible materials, and an airplane picture set to use as enrichment material.  
Education Activity Book EAB 100 20/set@ 100.00
"Come Fly With Me"
"Come Fly With Me" activity book promotes safe air travel and gives children in primary grades a fun and entertaining way to learn about aviation. Each turn of the page teaches kids about day-to-day aviation: the parts of an airplane, safety checks, take off procedures, navigation tools, and airport ground and tower operations.
"Come Fly With Me" comes with a box of four crayons and is packed with plenty of pages to color, maze and word find activities as well as two full pages of Raytheon Aircraft stickers. These pages can be removed from the book and kids can "land" the sticker airplanes on the rural and city airport landscapes.
This hand-illustrated activitiy book is a great addition to a publication library, educational program or gift and merchandise store. It is also an effective public relations tool showing your commitment to the industry, flight safety and education.
Basic activity book without stickers and crayons.
Basic Educational Activity Book EAB 200 20/set@ 45.00
Education Activity Book without crayons and stickers  
Color Photo Set CPS 100 20/set@ 20.00
Set of 20 full color 8" x 10" photos of Raytheon Aircraft products.